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The Money Machine Version 2
Terms and Conditions

Please send me an original and numbered copy of your "New Money-Machine - Version 2".  I agree not to reveal this trading method, or any version or variation thereof, to anyone nor will I make, distribute or market this method, or any version or variation thereof, to others.  I understand that futures trading involves very substantial risk and that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  I understand that there are no guarantees in futures trading, just the opportunity to make substantial profits if one is successful.  I understand that because you are disclosing to me your "New Money-Machine - Version 2" that there are no refunds.  I am anxious to receive your material and learn your "New Money-Machine - Version 2" trading method.  Please send this trading method out to me right away!

My payment for $2,500 will be authorized during the checkout process.  While this may seem like a lot, if your method helps me increase my successes in the futures markets, it will be a reasonable price to pay.

All copies of the "New Money-Machine - Version 2" are original and numbered.  The method is clearly outlined and understandable.  The calculations are detailed in a step-by-step format.  This is not a day-trading method.  The trading signals are calculated after the markets have closed using readily obtainable information.  All calculations may be converted to a computer, but a computer is not necessary for any calculations.  Orders may be entered before the markets open and no minute-by-minute monitoring of the market is required.  This method is very simple and easy to understand.

Bruce Gould is the author of "The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Commodities Trading".  The "New Money-Machine - Version 2" is a method of trading commodity futures contracts that Bruce Gould personally recommends to individuals who wish to invest capital in the futures or options markets and who wish to be able to make their own market decisions without continually having to rely on others for trade suggestions.  This method can also be used as a "check" and "double check" method against trade recommendations made by third parties so that the owners of this method can "verify" and "double verify" any trades they may be considering in order to form a personal opinion as to what such owners believe the chances of success are for any given trade at the particular time such a trade is considered.

The "New Money-Machine - Version 2" commodity trading method comes highly recommended by Bruce Gould based on over 41 years of market analysis experience.