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Bruce Gould's Money Machine - Version 2


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Bruce Gould's Money Machine - Version 2

What is the "Money Machine"?

The "Money Machine" is a commodity futures trading method.  This method was discovered by Bruce Gould and it is Bruce Gould's very best commodity futures trading method. This trading "tool" can be used as your primary plan for making futures trades. Everyone who wishes to be successful in commodities futures trading needs to have a plan. The "Money Machine" is Bruce Gould's favorite and it is the one that made him famous.

Customer Testimonial:
....Thanks so very much for your "Money Machine" trading method, made available so generously by you for us
It is by far the best investment I've made in my life.   ......... K & T Cunningham

Who can benefit from the "Money Machine"?

The simple answer: Anyone who wishes to make money trading in commodity futures! If you are new to commodity trading or you have been trading for some time the "Money Machine" can work for you. The "Money Machine" is written to require very little time each day to analyze the contracts you are interested in. This time is typically 5 minutes or less per day - per contract. For the busy professional who has a lot going on every day to the retired person who does not want to spend all of their time studying investments. The "Money Machine" will fit your schedule. You determine how many contracts to watch and therefore determine how much time you will spend each day.

This flexibility makes the "Money Machine" ideal for Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, and many other professions where you don't have a lot of free time. It is also perfect for those who have free time but don't want to spend it all making decisions about investments in the commodity markets.

Customer Testimonial:
....Your excellent style of writing brings the concepts of successful trading into crystal clear focus. ........
W Frickhoeffer

How does the "Money Machine" work?

There are several key points to make before discussing how the "Money Machine" works:
  1. The "Money Machine" referred to throughout this page is the "Money Machine" Version 2. That is what you will receive when you purchase the "Money Machine"
  2. The "Money Machine" Version 2 allows you to take either long or short positions.
  3. The "Money Machine" may be used in aggressive or conservative fashion.
  4. The "Money Machine" requires does not require a computer, it requires only simple math and access to current commodity futures prices which are available in most large newspapers.
The "Money Machine" works by creating "signals" when certain "conditions" arise within a commodity contract. One of the reasons the "Money Machine" takes so little time to use each day is that if condition "A" is not met in a contract being analyzed then you need proceed no further with that contract for that day.

Aggressive traders can choose to act solely on the occurrence of condition "A" and enter the market long or short depending on the direction of condition "A".

The more conservative investor may wish to wait after condition "A" for condition "B" or even condition "C" to occur.

What are these "conditions"? That is what the "Money Machine" explains in easy to understand terms. The conditions are not complicated to understand, nor do they require much math to calculate. Many contracts can be eliminated as candidates for a "Money Machine" trade by a quick glance at a chart thusly reducing the time you spend searching for contracts worth analyzing.

The beauty of the "Money Machine" is that it may be used by individuals differently based on each trader's experience, amount of capital and desire or non-desire for different levels of risk.

In summary:
  1. You purchase and read the "Money Machine".
  2. You start watching your favorite commodities for condition "A".
  3. You decide whether to act on condition "A" or to wait for condition "B" and maybe even condition "C".
  4. Your time analyzing a contract should only be about 5 minutes per day, most likely less.
  5. If you have decided to act call your broker or fire-up your online trading program and get into the market!

Customer Testimonial:
....A week after receiving your "Money Machine Method" I was able to put it to the test. It is every thing you said it
was and more. The first trade paid for the "Money Machine" plus. It is well written, right to the point, and with no
wasted words. It contains all the important information that is needed to be successful. ...........

....Your approach shows you have a real understanding of the markets. Your method of teaching is honest,
sincere, and very rewarding. Hope you will continue to teach for a long time.......

When can I use the "Money Machine"? When can I use the "Money Machine"?

You can begin using the "Money Machine" as soon as you've begun reading it. You can use it for your entire futures trading career. Once you learn the contract conditions detailed in the "Money Machine" you can apply those for as long as you trade! The conditions specified in the "Money Machine" can occur at anytime in any contract - you can trade year round or just when you choose to do so. The power of the decision to trade is completely at your discretion. "Money Machine signals" can occur frequently. You have the choice of the level of activity you wish to take advantage of.

Customer Testimonial:
....Your "Money Machine" with commentaries have been my Rosetta Stone allowing me to cherry pick a few
positions each year with great success.

I strongly recommend the "Money Machine" to any novice or serious student of any market.
..... B Greenwood

Why do I need the "Money Machine"? Why do I need the "Money Machine"?

There is a time in each commodity investor's life when he or she is faced with the moment of truth. "Do I continue to invest in commodities, or do I let all the money I have put into the markets go down the drain forever?"

When faced with this difficult decision, you have to ask yourself, "Do I really have a method of trading which can earn large sums of money in the futures markets or am I just fooling myself investing in commodities hit and miss by the seat of my pants with no real program for making money?"

As one who has traded in the futures markets for 41 years, I would like to make this recommendation to you,
  1. Either get yourself a "Money Machine",
  2. Or, call it quits!
This is cruel advice, but it is true. Without a "Money Machine", your commodity trading career will be a series of hits and misses, frustrations and personal anxiety. Unless you have a "Money Machine", I would recommend that you forget the money you have lost in futures and quit trading forever. To earn profits from your futures trading you need to have a "Money Machine". If you do not yet have one, this may explain the losses you have suffered from your trading.

I discovered a commodity trading "Money Machine" years ago and if you have not yet developed your own, let me tell you about the one I discovered.
  • The "Money Machine" I discovered requires only a small amount of time to operate. It requires no computer or complicated mathematics. It is a simple method which takes only 5 minutes per day per commodity to calculate. If you are trading up to 6 commodities, the total time required should be no more than 30 minutes, most likely not even that much.
  • The "Money Machine" I discovered is the most successful method of trading that I used in the 41 years that I have been trading futures contracts. No method ever worked better for me than the "Money Machine" trading method.
If you have not yet developed your own "Money Machine" method for making profits in the commodity markets then you are probably at a major investment decision point or at a fork in the road where you will have to decide,
  1. Should you call it quits and forget about all the money you have lost to the commodity markets, or
  2. Should you develop your own "Money Machine" trading method which will allow you to continue with your investments, recover any past losses and set enough money aside to make your participation in futures worthwhile.
If you plan to develop your own "Money Machine", here is what I would suggest you do:
  1. Read everything you can find.
  2. Buy and test every trading system available.
  3. Spend hundreds of hours studying.

    Once you do this, you may be able to develop your own "Money Machine" trading method which may be successful in the markets and allow you to retire financially secure. As you proceed to develop your own trading program, keep these guidelines in mind:
  1. Your "Money Machine" should be able to earn large profits in less than a year.
  2. Your "Money Machine" should require no more than 30 minutes of your time daily.
  3. Your "Money Machine" should be easy to understand and apply.
There are only two paths you will follow in your futures trading. This is cruel advice, but it is true. Every futures trader follows one road or the other:
  1. Commodity trading can be difficult and painful. Most traders follow this path. It is the road of losses with no hope of recovery from past mistakes. If you are on this path, then I recommend that you switch to path (B) as soon as possible.
  2. Commodity trading can be fun, profitable and very rewarding. Those traders on this road make a lot of money, a lot of money, and they have fun doing it.
Which path are you on? A successful "Money Machine" can be a very powerful tool for switching from path (A) to path (B) and this switch can often be accomplished almost overnight.

In over 41 years of trading futures contracts, I have never used a more successful "Money Machine" than the one I discovered many years ago. The beauty of the "Money Machine" that I discovered is this:
  1. It is precise and very easy to understand.
  2. It requires no more than 30 minutes of time daily.
  3. It applies to all commodities. Whichever commodity futures contracts you are investing in, you will receive "Money Machine" signals in those commodities.
I have been involved in futures trading for over 41 years. Based on 41 years of experience, I can tell you that as long as you shall invest in commodity futures or options you will take only two types of market positions:
  1. Those positions you entered based on a trading method.
  2. Those positions you entered based on "luck".
Whenever you take a futures position, your trade is either based on a trading method or based on "luck". You can make money from either type of trade, but it is much more difficult to make money consistently using "luck" as your trading method. When it comes to luck, you generally don't make money you lose money and that is why most commodity futures traders lose.

I have decided that I will make available the most successful commodity trading method that I have ever used during the forty one years that I have been trading in commodity futures. This trading method is called the "Money Machine". It is the very best trading method of my 41 year commodity trading career.

If you are interested in futures and options, I strongly recommend my "Money Machine" trading method to you.

If you are not making enough money from your commodity trading, I strongly recommend my "Money Machine" trading method to you.

If you are interested in futures and find yourself at a "fork in the road", I strongly recommend my "Money Machine" trading method to you. It is the very best trading method of my 41 year commodity trading career. The very best.

Yours truly,
Bruce Gould 

Where can I buy the "Money Machine"? Where can I buy the "Money Machine"?
Right Here!

Bruce Gould's Money Machine - Version 2

Price: $2500.00
I have read and agree to
Terms and Conditions